Residential Locksmith

Are you Locked out of Your Home?

If you are like many Americans, then at some point in time you are going to end up being locked out of your home and not sure what to do. If you have a friend who has a key who can see you then great, otherwise you should call our residential lockout services in Fayetteville NC, we will have the nearest lockout technician to your location in no time at all!

Our Residential Lockout Services:

  • Emergency Lockouts
  • New Home Rekey
  • Buyer/Seller Lockout Services
  • Evictions
Call us now, and we can be on our way to you in no time. 

What to Do While You Wait

When you have called for an emergency lockout service to arrive at your location, the key is to find security and safety.
  • Find Somewhere Safe
    • If you can go to neighbors or somehow gain access to your garage, then that would be optimal. You want to make sure you’re out of the sun and not directly telegraphing that you are currently inconvenienced.
  • Stay within Eyesight if Possible
    • If possible, try to stay within eyesight of the door. Our lockout technician will let you know when a tech is nearby.  We always verify ownership or residency. 
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